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Lets get wholesome...

Wholefoods are good for us

What to do the longest lived and healthiest people on the planet eat?

Nothing processed. Nothing with long ingredient labels. Nothing filled with added fats and sugars. Nothing with lists of preservatives to enhance shelf life.

They eat some of the most satisfying and tasty foods out there... foods that have the best ingredient- scratch...

Made from SCRATCH!


"I've discovered so many new flavours, my taste buds have changed. I'll never eat the processed foods again."

The longevity lifestyle menu is:- whole food (nothing processed), whole grain (avoiding the finely ground, nutrient depleted flours), and plants-based (thats right no meat, diary or eggs)

Our recipes have no added sugar (or maple syrup) , no added oil, and we make our own sauces, trying to avoid anything from packets or tins.

We believe they are some of the most nutritious and delicious foods, but more than that they provide a sustainable way to continue to eat and live. There is no calory restriction!

Just plenty of fibre filed, nutrient rich, healthy and DELICIOUS food.


Wholefood Wholegrain

Plant-based eating

and the best foods...

Are always those that are shared.

Have a look at our recipe book...
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