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Plant Based taster Event




  • The Plant Based Diet Revolution by Dr Alan Desmond :  from Devon-based gastroenterologist and plant-based eater.

  • Plant Powered Doctor by Dr Gemma Newman, a British GP

  • The Green Roasting Tin by Rikmini Iyer

  • Wholelife Plant based Recipe Books -  via the website shop

Films and Documentaries

  • Forks over Knives documentary - a 2011 documentary examining some of the evidence behind the claim that a whole-food, wholegrain plant based diet can reduce the risk and even reverse chronic disease

  • What The Health – Netflix documentary by an American journalist, about the health risks of processed foods

  • Gamechangers – an interesting film about plant-based foods, protein and athletic power.

Useful links

  • Forks Over Knives – plant-based website containing useful guides, stories and recipes

  • British Dietetic Association:  Food Factsheets - a great resource for nutrition facts about food.

  • Nutrition Facts -  A charity started by Dr Michael Greger, author of the book and recipe book “How Not to Die”. Packed full of facts, blogs and videos for the new learner as well as the total plant-based geek.

  • Plant Based Health Professionals – a UK-based website delivered by UK Healthcare Professionals, packed with useful fact sheets, newsletters and advice and guidance to those wanting to adopt a wholly plant-based diet.

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